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Mangosteen is a not only fresh and juicy but bring along itself incredible health benefit


Mangosteen !!! Out of season in Australia. With the power of teamwork.. this awesome fruit is here to tantalise your tastebuds! Enjoy away :))))

Mango season has arrived and you can find many rare variety in our shop


Really hate Monday…. but Mango’s aroma makes that feeling go away.


Mai-Fresh coconut

Meet the inspiration of our new brand.. MAI-FRESH young coconuts. Mai Do.. staying brave and strong in the face of adversity. Cảm hứng của hiệu dừa tươi MAI-FRESH. Xuan Mai Do.. Dũng cảm vượt qua mọi khó khăn”


Lunar New Year in Oriental Produce

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, the staff at Oriental Produce would like to wish all our growers: good quality, high yield and high return crops; our customers: good profits, a prosperous business and especially.. to be able to sell more Asian fruits and vegetables in the new year ? Thank you for all […]


Lebanese cucumber farm

Winter crop from QLD, lebanese cucumber fruiting, soon to be at the Sydney Markets..


Last day before Christmas

It’s the day before Christmas and our team at Oriental Produce is busy getting quality produce out to the community…. We like to wish the community and our fantastic customers a very Merry Christmas and remind everyone we will re-open again early Monday the 29th of December after a short well deserved break ?


Kid’s school holiday

You know it’s the school holidays when the workplace is invaded by under age workers

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Hog plum (Ambarella)

In season, the fruit known in English as AMBARELLA (or hog plum), in Vietnamese as Cóc. Eat with salt and chilli… An explosion of flavor in your mouth!!! Yum


Hairy Melon arrival

Chinese New Year in 2 days!!!!! More than a thousand (!!!!) Hairy melon boxes in stock.. a challenge not by choice ? Hairy melons by the bin, hairy melons by the box, hairy melons by the kilo and even hairy melons by each!!! Any which way.. we SELL!! We bring in our “big” salesgirl.. if […]


Fresh drinking coconut – Get ready for summer

It’s been a long, cold and slow Winter, especially if you are in the fresh fruits and vegetables business. Spring is here, so Summer is around the corner. Beautiful sunshine as the weather warms up. Kids pestering to go to the beach.. just in time… Fresh drinking coconuts!!!! Just arrived. Refreshing, great flavour and totally […]