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Early morning arrival products

looking from the rooftop carpark at the back dock @1.00am… 17 pallets of produce = 1056 boxes. Pallets to breakdown, stack, display and sell… and that’s only produce from DARWIN !!! then there’s the 6 pallets of drinking coconut from Perth, lemongrass from Adelaide, Cucumber and chillis from Brisbane, taro from Far North Queensland, basil […]


Darwin farms

The sun rising over the crops in the field, the last rays of sunshine lingering on the treetops.. all this looks very romantic and picturesque.. if you are on holiday or have the time. Here on our growers farm in Darwin, it is barely 7am and still dark. The growers are already in the field, […]


Coconut Water

Coconut water.. 100% , no concerntrates, no preservatives.. and yet best before june 2015 (9 months!!!) … how does it compare to juice straight from the coconut??? Like dish water vs fresh, sweet.. Give me a coconut anyday.. and water the garden with the “carton” contents ?


Banana Leaves

Banana leaf made out of plastic!!!! Cheaper, readily available, and consistent pattern. I just hope to God my kids dont think plastic leaves grow on trees and can be eaten!!!!


Alina Xuan Thanh at work

I may be small, but I know if everyone is wearing bright, high visibility clothing.. I should be too ? Apparently, it’s the new Sydney Markets regulation: the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).. to ensure the market is a safe place to work and visit… goodness knows what they are going to regulate once […]