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Tomato farm

The “human power” behind the TOMATOES!!!! Compliments of our hard working growers!!


Taro farm

Ever wondered where a taro root comes from?



This Daikon (raddish) is so fresh!!! Straight from the farm to market. We just had to try this versatile vegetable straight away. Intended for a winter soup, it was just as yummy in a quick stir fry ? an unusual vegetable to some, but definitely must try.



Tempted to tell you all the health benefits.. but you know what ??? Just try this overgrown pomelo. An experience not to be missed as it will soon be out of season…


Papaya Leaves

Special request by customer.. Papaya leaves .. for treatment of cancer


Our paddy side

Setting up for Paddy’s @ 5am. No customers in sight.. so cold!!!! Come and visit us.. Stand 90, outside door 8 every Saturday… We’ll give you a discount if you bring us coffee ? Sydney Paddy’s Market on a quiet, rainy Saturday morning.. Mai Do. 11 yrs old. Learning the business from the ground up. […]


New seasonal ginger bunch

New season ginger in BUNCHES.. Only available in the Sydney Markets at Oriental Produce !!!!


New Mature/Prayer coconut

Introducing our new product MATURED / PRAYER COCONUTS It is more versatile in use, has a longer shelf life and the packaging and selection process ensures its premium quality. The flesh and water of old coconuts are used in cooking, cakes and desserts, or consumed fresh. This coconut has some husk covering the “eyes”, allowing […]

Mangosteen is a not only fresh and juicy but bring along itself incredible health benefit


Mangosteen !!! Out of season in Australia. With the power of teamwork.. this awesome fruit is here to tantalise your tastebuds! Enjoy away :))))

Mango season has arrived and you can find many rare variety in our shop


Really hate Monday…. but Mango’s aroma makes that feeling go away.